Blokkem The ultimate security system for your bike

It starts choosing the right device
Pedal integrated security


Blokkem System

The new Antitheft security system that integrates in both pedals

Bicycle theft is a disturbing phenomenon that limits the use of bicycles in urban areas, it deters many people from starting to cycle and ocasionally after the theft of the bicycle also provokes the abandonment of the practice. Only in Spain 1600 bicycles are stolen a day, numbers that if extended to the rest of Europe are increasingly higher

Against the theft of bicycles

It is important that your bike is well protected to the strangers eye

To avoid this consider protecting it with an adequate safety system. Generally users choose to buy the cheapest anti-theft systems that are very easy to break or cut. It is also important to secure all parts of the Bicycle, if you only have one padlock, your bike is not completely safe

The ultimate solution

All in one

Anti-theft security system integrated in the bike pedals, adaptable to any bike in the market

Maximun security

The pedals are transformed into a robust double security system. You can protect your bike whole bike


Twelve folding links system that gives a total lenght of 90cm to lock your bike to any urban element


Hardened steel links with anti-drill and anti-shear treatment, rubber coated to prevent scratches on your bike


Hassle free, forget to bring your safety chains in your backpack or rolled to your bike, integrated system

No keys

Numerical combination lock that gives you the advantage of not forgeting your key. Also available with traditional or magnetic key


Are you investor?

Whether you are a private investor or a knowledgeable company in the sector we have different partnering options with Blokkem

Blokkem investors PDF (english)
Our patent has been given under the name “ANTI-THEFT ELEMENT TRANSFORMABLE PEDAL” with the following number nº 15168254
Registered under the following countries Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eslovakia, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & Liechtenstein, Turkey and United Kingdom
You can start your own new business in this upcoming sector or you can add this to your product portfolio, options are as following: project including patent, drawings and functional prototypes
You can get in touch with us to discuss any partnering option
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Thanks for showing your interest on the ultimate security system for bikes BLOKKEM!

This product is currently not available to the public market. We are in the process of establishing a licensing partner within the industry. Please do get in touch with us at the following email if you are interested.